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Powder Sieving

Sieving separates dust from powder. Powder which could have compacted during recovery or transport is once again distributed into distinct fine particles.

Sieving is ideally undertaken just prior to use after powder recovery. Sieving the powder ensures proper flow characteristics and high quality surface finish.

Hexagon Technologies offers powder sievers as well as the complete Powder Manager: Powder management systems.

Batch Siever Batch Sievers used as Hopper Mounting version: Quick and handy powder seiver fits on hopper. After completing sieving, it is removed and the hoppers lid is replaced.

Summary of Benefits
  • A new highly efficient lightweight siever
  • Maintenance free pneumatic turbine vibrator
  • Superior separation efficiency
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Mount on powder hopper

  • Stand Alone Siever

    Sieve large quantities of recovered powder without disturbing your online coating process. Substantially reduce labour cost & eliminate wastage during manual spraying.

    Summary of Benefits

  • Dedicated powder siever.
  • A new highly efficient lightweight siever.
  • No Maintenance with pneumatic turbine vibrator.
  • Superior separation efficiency.
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction.