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We are specialized in

  • Batch Type Ovens
  • Through Type Ovens
  • Floor Mounted Ovens with Air Lock Vestibule
  • Elevated Oven in Camel Back & A - Zone Design
  • Elevated A Zone Reversing Loop Oven
  • Recirculating Hot Air and Energy - Saving Oven

    The Quality of your product depends upon many factors, not least of which is the curing process. The effectiveness of the curing process, in turn, is contingent upon constant firing temperatures and thus indirectly upon the quality of the oven itself. During the complete curing cycle and throughout the entire unit, our ovens maintain temperatures with only minimal fluctuations.

    The most widely employed method of curing is still recirculting air, for which there are two types of ovens :

    Consecutive - stage ovens or
    Continuous - operating ovens.
    Whether directly or indirectly, almost any type of heating can be used to heat a oven. Convective heat transfer increases in proportion to the speed of the air being circulated around the workpieces by fans. These are designed to circulate air rapidly to ensure optimal heat transfer. to maintain high heat transfer values and fuel efficiency of between 85 and 90%, it is necessory to conduct the circulating air at high speed post the combustion chamber and across the heating surface behind it - and that is exactly what we devote special attention to.

    Maximized fuel efficiency :
    The Oven construction , together with the optimally designed air - recirculation system , ensure fuel efficiency of between 85 to 90 %. the exhaust gases of the air heated are cooled down almost to the temperature of the oven itself - but never below the dew paint. The circulating air is fed at high speed past the combustion chamber and the heating surfaces behind it. This is the way to get the most out of heat energy and minimize heating costs in actual practive.
    When heating the gas , it is more advantageous to heart directly to avoid " losses " via transfer media.

    Energy - conscious design :
    In order to minimize heating costs, care was taken in designing the oven to " Keep the heat together " through the addition of structural features. The most economical of all is the A - zone consecutive stage type oven. Thrifty with both space and emergy , the A - zone type oven can also be constructed as a loop continuous - operation oven , another extremely economical type. if the height of the building cannot accommodate an A - zone type oven , air locks are used to reduce heat loss at the load and unload doors of the plant.

    Optimal heat insulation
    Precisely dimensioned walls segments are constructed for curing plants of every size and insulation thickness in our system. By shoping the segment edges in a rolling mill . A labyrinth seal of the flush joints is obtained which reliably prevents the passage of any air.

    The number of ties required between inner and outer sheets is limited to an absolute minimum to prevent heat conduction through the wall. The labyrinth seal prevents solvents vapours from penetrating into insulation. the oven housing is made of galvanized sheet , simplifying painting considerably.

    Air heaters are also protected against overheating by a safety thermostat. fans continue to run a certain until the heating surface are sufficiently cool in order to avoid dangerous overheating.

    Water dry of ovens :
    Are available as continuous operations or through type ovens. they are indispensable in any case in which painting or powder coating is to follow pretreatment. High air speeds are employed in all machines to remove undesirable moisture quickly and thoroughly. Air temperatures upto 10 C accelerate the vaporization of residual water and reduce curing time. we also choose for you the type of nozzle that will deliver the most effective air stream.