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Manual Catridge Filter Booth


Manual Catridge Filter Booth

When it comes to painting auto parts, there’s no better solution than a cartridge filter spray booth. Spray booths ensure even, lasting application on any given surface, and are most often used as the final step in repair work on a car or truck. Cartridge filters provide the most efficient method of containing powder coating, dust, and other airborne particles in your shop with the lowest total cost of ownership.

While the initial investment is more than that of a smaller booth (such as a pocket filter booth), cartridge filter booths can handle tremendous volume and are the only real choice for production-level shops.

Here’s some information about how they work :

Cartridge filter booths

use an innovative design for unmatched air filtering. The dust collector filters air particles that flow from the outer surface to the inner surface of each cartridge filter. From there, the filtered air flows from the inner surface into the clean air, where it is then fed into a fan inlet. Once the air pushes through the filter media, it is expelled into the environment.

Cartridge filter booths are best used with batch power operations running through 50-100 pounds per day. They are self-cleaning, and the filters need replacement only once every three years. The total cost of maintenance for a three year period (not including labor)

Cartridge filter booths are designed to handle large workloads and to keep your shop moving with minimal fuss. Their low maintenance costs and self-cleaning design help make them the best option for an established shop, or one that is certain to have a rush of new business at opening.

Spray booths and spray booth filters are one of our specialties and we enjoy assisting our clients in finding the absolute best booth for their needs. Our booths can be manufactured for any size or specification, allowing you to customize the booth to your specifications. Most importantly, our spray booths are designed with safety in mind — Oven Empire spray booths are guaranteed to protect your healthy working environment.