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Liquid Painting Booth


Liquid Painting Booth

We offer plants for

  • PVDF Coating
  • Teflon Coating
  • Plastic Parts Painting
  • Painting Plants for automative parts

  • Coating :

    Salvent free painting is a primary goal and the demand for waterborne
    Paints in increasing. Recent developments in waterborne paint
    Recycling are opening new doors. However , high solids paints can also
    Be made more environmentally friendly through the use of improved
    application methods and better parts recognition systems to minimize
    paint overspray. the selection of the correct application process and
    paint system depends on the workpiece geometry, lot size and desired
    surface quality. Depending on the system and process, the overspray
    may be substantially reduced paint and disposal costs saved.

    Paint Spray Booth :

    Hexagon spray booths are know for their laminar airflow. This allows spray paint application with a minimum of overspray and adequate ventilation of the booth working chamber. The overspray reaches the scrubber quickly without creating wondering spray mist and fog in the spray booth.

    Plastic Coatings for Outside Mirrors,
    Plastic parts are coated in a three coat application of primer, base and dear coat. Waster disposal from all three spray booths is handled by a common coogulation system with paint sludge removal and dewatering in the decanter.

    The ovens for pretreatment, primer and clear coat are conslidated in a block and elevated and equipped with air locks for energy conservation.

    The Optimum Scrubber System :
    The water wash scrubber captures the paint over - spray utilizing the robust venturi principle which can safely handle even troublesome coatings in various quantities and coagulation chemistries.

    The recirculated water flows from the overflow trough down the flood sheet and then mixes with the air and overspray in the venturi slot. the over - sprayed paint is thoroughly mixed with the water and travels over the bottom flood sheet to the sludge separation unit. At this paint solid particles in the exhaust air stream are reduced to less than 3mg / m3.

    Low Water Volume :
    HTI booth needs only a small tank for the recirculated water. this compact design reduces floor loadings and saves valuable building spaces and low water.

    Dual Venturi Spray Booth :
    The dual venture scrubber for spray booth overspray collection is the most advanced separation method currently in use. Originally designed in cooperation with the automobile industry. its commonly used today in all painting applications of large volume production with high quality requirements. the special nozzle configuration provides an effective method of washing paint mist from the exhoust air . in the expansion zone, the solid particle content in the air is reduced for below the required limits.

    The Entire Scrubber system water. Volume is recirculated. Coogulated paint particles are removed and dewatered by an external sludge handling system.

    The stainless steel design mokes the booth also suitable for use with waterborne paints.

    There is no standard solution for paint recycling - the requirement are too diverse.

    Special Features :

  • Stainless steel construction. Therefore also suitable for waterborne paint.
  • powerful venturi scrubber
  • vertical and horizontal flood sheet.
  • low water volume required
  • Exhaust air solids concentration of less than 3mg/m3.
  • integrated paint sludge removal system with continuous automatic paint sludge discharge.
  • Easily maintained and cleaned
  • The ideal airflow in the booth allows an almost horizontal application of point. The overspray is mixed thoroughly with the wash water in the venture scrubber. The paint particles adhere to the wash water and are detackified by a coogulation chemical . the water flows into the sludge removal system where the point is separated from the water.

    Liquid Painting Booth