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jumbo Liquid Painting


jumbo Liquid Painting

Jumbo Booths for liquid coating large & heavy objects

  • Flexibility in coating
  • Handling of material by Canveyor or floor trolleys compact / Universal Booths

  • Paint - Spraying Plants for industry and the trade

    Wet painting using spraying techniques is still the most widely employed method of applying paint . The reasons for this are , Firstly , that the highest quality standards can be met and , secondly , colours can be changed at short notice without any problems.

    Our task is to advise the user which type of spraying plant is most suitable for the purpose in question.

    The Requirements are :

  • Overspray and solvent vapours that occur must be extracted effectively , economically and in such a way that the spray painter is not inconvenienced.
  • A high degree of overspray elimination in compliance with the latest technical Regulations (Air).
  • During spray painting the workpieces must be protected from dust and dirt.
  • The performance of the suction extractor must be constant during operation.
  • Turbulences resulting in vogrant over - spray must be avoided.
  • Even in cases of extremely heavy use, the longest possible period between cleaning operations must be achieved.
  • The risk of fire must be reduced to a minimum.
  • The air humidity should be kept constant , particularly when plastics are being painted.
  • Appropriate measures must be taken to ensure proper , low - maintenance degreasing of paint sludge.
  • Care must be taken that the consumption of energy is kept as low as possible during paint spraying.
  • jumbo Liquid Painting