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IBIX Special Cleaning


IBIX Special Cleaning

Revolutionary Micro - Air - Abrasion Technology

Conventional & Rotational
Soft Abrasion Techniques

The IBIX System is the perfect portable blasting Equipment for a wide variety of applications :

Surface Cleaning and Pre - Preparation including

  • Removal of paint and coatings, rust, mill scale, oil, grease, dust, dirt, oxides, corrosion product and foreign matter in compliance with the international surface preparation Standards
  • Abrasive blasting inside oil tanks with small manholes
  • Corrosion Removal and abrasive blasting of stainless steel - galvanized steel light structures
  • Maintenance of structural steel in the copper processing plants and the mining industry in general
  • Decontamination and Cleaning in the field of industrial plant maintenance including

  • Removal of grease , oil , residues of plant , glue and ink from machinery and utensils
  • Cleaning of cooling plants
  • Welding inspections
  • Cleaning of welds and of welded areas of aluminum or stainless steel structures to remove oxides
  • Cleaning of aluminum equipment
  • Cleaning of rubber gaskets
  • Removal of carbon deposits without altering the surface etc.

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