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Gema Products


Gema Products

An essential requirement for high quality surface coating is coordination of all process components. Specialist Know how assures this. We had in the past and today the will to transfer our creativity in to reality. Today we offer complete installation from one supplier - HEXAGON.

We plan the project, the design, we manufacture and we erect the installation. ranging from every type of pretreatment plant by the way of spray booths, ovens and conveyors to waste disposable and pollution control. Our wide ranging experience of project gives us a hign degree of competence when taking on the oerall responsibillity for the functionong of installation. with the concept we have taken ever new steps towords a clean environment. We supply low waste pretreatment, powder coating and plants that produce prefect surface. we are successful company. increasingly successful. But our oim is to achieve a reasonable, continual growth.Success on a healthy basis.

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