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Automation Dr.nix


Automation Dr.nix

QNix® – the proper coating thickness gauge for every task

For each task the suiting coating thickness gauge – this is the core competence of Automation Dr. Nix. QNix ® coating thickness gauges measure reliably and non-destructively coating thicknesses on any metal surface.

Overview: QNix® Measuring Systems

Until 2007, the handsets where delivered under the name QuaNix®.

The coating thickness gauge of professionals is now called QNix

QNix ® coating thickness gauges have become worldwide a reference for excellent quality "made in Germany". This is confirmed in their simplicity, reliability, comfortable operation and durability. All our devices and systems are manufactured exclusively in Germany. According to strict quality standards they are examined for stability and user-friendly usage. Paint meter and coating thickness measurement

Quality by Excellence

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Automation Dr.Nix